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COMPACT’O® ST2 ( now 4 to 16EH )
(Qualifies for an Eco Interest Free loan up to 10,000 euro) Numero d’agrément n° 2011-007
This Product is ideal for all year habitation but more important, also for holiday homes.

COMPACT'O®ST2 consists of a septic tank dual compartments and a filter COMPACT'O®.

COMPACT'O® 4ST2(capacity4EH) =3.6 m3septic tank and a filter COMPACT'O® 4EH.
COMPACT'O® 5ST2(capacity5EH) =3.6 m3septic tank and a filter COMPACT'O® 6EH.
COMPACT'O® 6ST2(capacity6EH) =5.0 m3septic tank and a filter COMPACT'O® 6EH.

COMPACT'O4ST2, 5ST2 and 6ST2 are approved under agreement number 2011-007.
Download the files below or use the contact page to request a free CD

             Compacto ST2                         
       Brochure ST2        Tech Manual ST2         Install Plan              Function          Assembly Plan    Agreement to 16EH


In the case of rehabilitation, filters COMPACT'O® 4EH and 6EH can also be installed downstream of an existing septic tank, subject to the approval of SPANC.

COMPACT'O® 4ST(capacity4EH) =3m septic tank and a filter COMPACT'O® 4EH.
COMPACT'O® 5ST(capacity5EH) =4m septic tank and a filter COMPACT'O® 6EH
COMPACT'O® 6ST(capacity6EH) =5m septic tank and a filter COMPACT'O® 6EH.
     Brochure ST Filter   Compact ST   Tech Manual ST Operation of ST in English
The COMPACT'O® are easy to install and maintain (see data sheet sections10 and 13 )
Installation,commissioning and maintenance of the COMPACT'O® can be performed by any company or service
(no service contract required). The system does not require the intervention of an approved installer or a technician.
An individual may install, operate and maintain the COMPACT'O®.