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Bio Verte Environnement, Mayenne

English Agents, Home of Mini Waste Water Treatment Plants.

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Documentation 21+ EH Systems.
Neve Topaze T22. New collective system Neve T22  PE          Documentation                                  
Topaze T30-T50 PE
Neve T30 to 300 PE

The larger system by Neve for hamlets, villages, housing estates, workshops, factories, 
campsites, restaurants, schools, sports centres, construction sites and  temporary/mobile applications. 
 T30 Brochure (en)   
 T30 Brochure (en)
Balmoral HC 6
UK Balmoral 22 - 30+ HC for the larger properties. A single tank HC 22 equates to French 8 EH system price,  so very low cost. Save thousands of Euro. UK tax exempt for TVA registered artisans.

The HydroClear is Balmoral’s third generation treatment plant and the result of intensive three year research, development and testing programme. Design objectives included improved performance, running costs, installation, haulage and storage, making the HC a natural choice for, installers and end-users.


The HydroClear produces an astonishing market leading pollutant removal level of 97%.

Carrying full CE accreditation to BS EN12566-3, final values are achieved for BOD, SS and NH4-N of 10:13:6mg/l respectively.


Lower operating costs

With its unprecedented 24-month service period & enhanced capacities the HydroClear can dramatically reduce long term operating costs.


This is achieved through the inherent reliability of the simple but effective design rather than using complex systems that require frequent maintenance and desludging to achieve optimum performance.

   Brochure PDF (en)                   Brochure PDF (fr)