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Bio Verte Environnement, Mayenne

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   EYVi 7EH: Numero d'agrement n° 2011-008
**Our Star Buy on price, guarantee, ease of installation & service / de-sludge intervals.**

SMVE EYVi 7 person system
Description:  Competitively priced system for up to 7 Persons.( not for holiday homes )
The EYVi is gravity flow, activated sludge system, which is based on the principle of free aerated culture.

The tank is made of reinforced polyester fiberglass and consists of an aeration basin and a clarifier.
A recirculation pump returns the material settling at the bottom of the clarifier to the aeration tank.
The diffusion of air into the aeration basin is provided by a micro-perforated membrane aerator placed in
the bottom of the basin. The processor requires an air supply which comes from a compressor in a removable box positioned under the cover of the tank.
The device is equipped with LED warning lights in case of power failure, operating continuously.
                                             Dimensions 180 x 127 x 205               Weight empty 110 Kgs