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Bio Verte Environnement, Mayenne

English Agents, Home of Mini Waste Water Treatment Plants.

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** Latest** January 2018 Second 4 year diagnostics started by Spanc
If the diagnostic agents have not been able to enter your property to carry out their inspection, expect a €100+ fine from Spanc. The first lot of factures are now being received, by registered post, in Mayenne & to owners UK addresses.
From 1st July 2012, for <20 PE, any proposed sewerage, under French law, now has to be reported to SPANC.
More important changes to the waste water orders of Sept 2009 in France.
Read or download the summary by clicking the word icon>>     
Latest EU News
Vice President Antonio Tajani the current European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship and also Vice-President of the European Commission, has instigated an investigation into France's attitude towards the checking of Construction products (directive 89/106/EEC).
This will affect, possibly cancel, the simple evaluation demanded by France on micro stations including UK made tanks which already have the CE mark issued by another member state, (normally Germany) thus preventing their free circulation as guaranteed under the mutual recognition principal within the EU. Watch this space!

January 2016 Install in Vauce of Compact'O with lifto pump. Reinforced for vehicle access


Compact Ecoflo 5EH high exit with intergral pump at Ceauce 61330


Compact'O 6EH at Ceauce 61330 Client Birch
DIY T5 installation by Client Canfield in Desertines Dept 53 
Balmoral HC 30, Collection of System from Aberdeen to installation in Dept 50 Manche, client, Mr D.Chapman.  
Compact'O 5 EH below with pump station arrived & ready to install at St Mars Sur Colmont, 53300 for client Mdme Keef
Below Compact'O 6 EH arriving in Ceauce Dept 61 for Client Birch. 
    Epurflo Maxi 6EH arrives to Client Cruikshank in 36180      
and shown here below its installation on April 29th by our preferred installer for Depts 86,87 and 36, Paul Kent.
    System above ready for top-soil level with patio on left.
Below First T5 installed at St Mars sur Colmont for Mister & Mrs McManus. August 2012.    
Etude de sol, Herve Lucas
 August 2012 for Monsieur & Mdme Reichsteiner. 
Specialist installation of Topaze T5FS at Moulin d'Ambloux on the River Varenne, Ceauce 61330.
First Topaze T5FS in Orne with the treated water being discharged direct into the River Varenne.
The T5 effluent also treats the river with oxygen.
Topaze T5 arrives for the village of Thubœuf
Mr Pat Curtis (right of pic) takes delivery of his new
Topaze T5 micro station
Thubœuf 53110
Canton of Lassay-les-Châteaux Mayenne.
For the Mairie, control of work by Mr B. Marshall,(left)
Maître d'Oeuvre & Expert Judiciaire of SOS 53.
Etude de Sol, Mssr LUCAS Herve de Laval
 Topaze T5 delivered at Torchamp department 61 Orne                                             
Mr Roy Lane (left) takes delivery of Mme Susan Greenwood's,
new Topaze T5 micro station 

St Mars d'Egrenne / Torchamp
61350 May 2011.
The first Topaze system in lower Orne.
The T5 installation is a complete DIY project by Mr Lane. 
Etude de Sol, Mssr LUCAS Herve de Laval 
 Topaze T5 at Mantilly 61350 
Mr Mark Winsor (left) takes delivery of his new
Topaze T5 micro station
at Mantilly 61350, October 2011
The T5 installation and property renovation is a complete DIY project by Mr Winsor. 
First Topaze T5FS in Vauce near Gorron 53300.

T5 lowering in at Vauce. Chris Wild Terrassement.  Levelling T5 at Vauce. Chris on digger steve assisting