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Bio Verte Environnement, Mayenne

English Agents, Home of Mini Waste Water Treatment Plants.

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Topaze T12,T16EH
Vodalys Micro Stn 6EH
Oxy 5
Oxy Filtre 2-17 EH
Compact'O ST2 4-16EH
New! CompactO ST 4-6EH
Ecoflo system
21+ EH Collective systems
Fluidifix.Solar/Wind Pwrd
Vermin & Flood Protection
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Mayenne satellite sky and Freesat in franceMayenne Satellite Services

Installers for UK Sky, Freesat, TNT and all European Satellite TV, based in Mayenne 53
Satellite TV equipment suppliers. Free sky+ HD boxes. 
TVRO, Vsat and Sky Engineers for 30 years with A.S.A affiliation.
 Bar Pizzéria, Le Bistro du Coin
Visit the Bar Pizzéria, Le Bistro du Coin, Passais la Conception 61350.
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 Real ales.  Based in St German de Tallevande.  Dept 14

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