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Bio Verte Environnement, Mayenne

English Agents, Home of Mini Waste Water Treatment Plants.

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Topaze ( Now Top Oxy ) T5 to T16 EH Numero d'agrement n° 2010-2013
The Topaze range of waste water treatment plants are for small to medium installations.
Compact and light, the Topaze gives a high purifying efficiency thanks to its patented system whatever the available space
   Latest Topaze newsNew Topaze Anneau,  4 modèles monoblocs from 12 to 16 EH  
   View the Anneau brochure here and Technical Manual here

Main Features

Optimium protection of the environment                                                                   T5 FS,7 & 8 EH Brochure
Extremely compact: Footprint from 1.5 (T5) to 3.5 M2 (T20)
Secured performance by the internal sand filter
5 models from 1 to 20 users
Simple installation
                          Easy to use and maintain                                                                    
                          Low running costs
                          Self regulating flow
                          Balance tank included
                          Self cleaning clarification tank
                          Completely recyclable                                                                                                 
                          Light and sturdy polypropylene tank
                          Easily transportable

Houses, ( Not Holiday homes), Hamlets, Offices / workshops, B&B's
The Topaze sewage treatment plant uses a biological process inspired by nature: as a river,
it is the aerobic bacteria which will eliminate the pollution.
The phenomena is reproduced and amplified in the plant by active aeration.
Thanks to a patented regulating system, the purifying efficiency is continuous and independent of the varying waste water inflow
Extremely compact, the TOPAZE plant treats all household waste water (Kitchen, toilet, bathroom, washing machine etc...).