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The micro-station Vodalys® is the solution to treat wastewater from a dwelling house.

Vodalys® is constructed with rotationally molded tank pehd * (* High Density Polyethylene), fully recyclable. The Rotomoulded pehd is a guarantee of strength and chemical resistance (no corrosion, insensitive to H2S).

Monobloc, lightweight and very robust, the Vodalys® tank is very simple to install.
Its lockable lid diameter 60 cm will make all very discreet and accessible. Its adjustable telescopic raiser millimeter provides a perfect finish.

Vodalys® is a micro stations SBR * (* Sequenciel Batch Reactor) which has the highest volume of primary sedimentation, thereby reducing the number of mud extractions.

Designed with a new generation SBR technology, ultra reliable, controlled from an external control unit to the tank, it works without electro-mechanical element into the tank.
All internal equipment is easily accessible from the top of the tank     
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The wastewater treatment plant is an ecological treatment process that does not harm the environment (no chemicals). The high treatment efficiency permits the discharge of treated water into the environment without damaging the environment (surface infiltration or rejection in accordance with the decree of 7 September 2009 modified).

Micro station NF and EC approved
The Vodalys purification micro-stations are controlled devices that benefit from mandatory CE EN-12566-3: 2005 + A2: 2013 until 50EH and the national number 2014-018 approval for mini treatment plant Individual 6EH up. The 4EH models 8EH, 10EH, 12EH, 18EH and EH 16 are under approval.

Compact - small footprint
Micro-stations Vodalys autonomous individual sanitation are very compact and do not require a large space: 7.50m² for 6EH model. Monocuve equivalent to 150 inhabitants, the purifying micro-Vodalys stations are very simple to install. You have to dig a hole, install the tank and connect it. Installation is fast and reliable thanks to the weather.

Very long life
Life micro-stations Vodalys is very long (more than 50 years for the rotomoulded tank HDPE) unlike a filter that becomes clogged. The components in the bottom of the micro-station Vodalys are easily accessible from the top of the tank and are largely pehd rotationally molded. No electro mechanical equipment is installed in the tank. The components of the control cabinet are all easily replaceable and have a long lifetime.

SBR technology
This technology is used in sanitation for many years and has proven itself. It is the most suitable for the treatment of domestic sewage, the most environmentally safe and economical maintenance.

Reasoned maintenance cost
The vodalys micro-station is a micro-treatment plants which has the highest volume of primary sedimentation. This important volume saves mud changes.
Example: primary clarifier of 2500 liters for the Vodalys 6EH

Installing Vodalys purification micro-stations is very simple and should meet the common rules pose for individual sewerage systems (distances to be respected, ventilation, etc.) and compliance with the NF DTU 64.1 standard.

Our Vodalys treatment plants are monocuve up 150EH. Beyond that, our tanks with very large volumes (up to 50,000 liters) the number of the treatment plant tanks component is reduced. The implementation is quite simple and fast. To ensure the buyer the best guarantee, we recommend leaving the installation in the care of professionals.

The installation consists of earthworks (excavation conducting a background of the stabilization of the excavation, backfill and cover the tank) and connections (hydraulic and electrical connections).

The earthworks are proportional to the volume of the wastewater treatment plant and depend on the topography (ground water, rocky terrain, etc.).

Micro-stations Vodalys can be in groundwater up to 100% of the height of the tank outside raiser.
Size a micro station.
According to Article 5 of the Decree of 7 March 2012, the design of micro-stations, expressed in number of population equivalent (pe), equals the number of main rooms within the meaning of Article R. 111 -1-1 code of construction and housing, with the exception of the following cases, for which a special study should be performed to justify the dimensioning bases:

- Buildings open to the public, for which the
design is performed based on the ability
- Individual residential houses for which the
number of bedrooms is disproportionate
compared to the number of occupants.


This is to determine the number of main rooms of the house. The term bedrooms coins intended stay and sleep.

1 main room = 1 EH

Example: 1 kitchen + 1 living room + 1 dining room + 3 bedrooms + 1 office = 6 main rooms = 6EH.
The kitchen does not count as main room.