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Bio Verte Environnement, Mayenne

English Agents, Home of Mini Waste Water Treatment Plants.

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About Us
bio verte environnement waste water treatment micro stationsEnglish owned business in France for more than 15 years.
Our mission is to bring the future of waste water treatment to France.       
No more electric mincers on your toilet sending untreated sewage to a ditch, drain or river.
No more smelly fosse septiques and huge filter beds.                                  
Our history.
Bio Verte Environnement was created after our 3 year long fight with bureacracy in France. The continual refusal of Spanc and the water authorities to accept a UK micro station with its EN 12566-3 certification, prompted our action via the European Commission.
With the assistance of Solvit UK, our case
(no 90151/10/UK) was victorious and in Sept 009, France was forced to accept micro stations for 1 to 20 persons and issued the "arrete" NOR: DEVO0809422A
There are doubters that refuse to believe we actually forced the September 2009 arrete, including an agent on the black in Brittany, selling a non conforming UK system in France which is a blatant copy of a 20 year old inefficient out of patent WPL Diamond system.         
For doubters, click links right >>>
The simple evaluation procedure.
After our win, France was granted the right by the EU Commission to carry out simple evaluations of any EN certificated micro station before a model is used in France.
Cerib or CSTB must evaluate any models documentation and once satisfied on its conformity, will grant the NF EN 12566-3.
The french Ministry then gives that model a numero d'agrement and informs the Spancs to add the model to their list for installation acceptance.
Here to download or read is a history from Solvit UK of our cases in the European Commission. Original and follow up complaint. 
1) The initial case resulting from our first complaint. 
2) Result of 2nd complaint on the legality, cost & time of the model simple evaluation. (EU investigation in progress 2012.)