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Bio Verte Environnement, Mayenne

English Agents, Home of Mini Waste Water Treatment Plants.

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                                                                                  Goodbye sand filter and polluted ditches     >>>>>>
Say hello to the future.
Our Mini waste water and sewage treatment plants
(Micro Stations d'Epuration), can be delivered to all regions of France and are used for single and small groups of properties. They can be installed above or below ground. 
The larger (collective population equivalent 21+ person) sizes of micro stations are generally used for hamlets, villages, housing estates, workshops, factories, campsites, restaurants, schools,
sports centres, construction sites and temporary/mobile applications. 
All our systems conform in France, have been controlled by CERIB / CSTB, authorised by
"Ministères de la Santé et de l’Écologie", have their numero d'agrements, are to the
NF EN 12566 standard and are on the Spanc list.
        Etudier   Epurflo Maxi backfilled      Unloading Compact'O 
We can offer a complete service on all aspects of your application and installation, from Etude de Sol, to final "controle".
**How to calculate your EH**.
Add together all the existing principal rooms (plus any planned extras) and use 1 EH per room. Principal rooms are bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. A living/dining room with no separating wall, is classed as 1 EH.
NOTE:Holiday and second homes cannot have any system using electric,
Only filter compact systems such as Compact'O / Epurflo or Oxyfiltre
Evolution without the Pollution
Topaze FS installation 
Micro Stations 1-20 PE must be on the Spanc list.
(View our Euro Commission fight on micro stations acceptance here.) EYVi 7
For France, the standard EN certification advertised on many models is not enough on its own.
For any proposed micro station installation in France, the model of station proposed must have been through the "evaluation simplifee (english version)" and gained its
NF EN 12566-3 certification, along with the Ministry issued "Numero d'Agrement".
Without that number a permis from Spanc will not be given and the installation will be refused. 
If you install a 1 to 20 EH system without Spanc permission and it's discovered,
(which it will be on any diagnostic or sale), it will be noted as "non-conforming".
If the property is not for sale, an order will be issued to remove and change  it, as was the case with a Klargester in Brittany.(See Kingspan Bio disc on the spanc list), or on a sale, you either fix it or knock a lot of money off the sale price for the new owner to change it themselves within one year of signing the "Acte".
Important WARNING:
if you are offered a Klargester or BioKlar for 1 to 20 EH, before parting with your money, check the spanc list or contact us for the low-down on these non conforming systems.
Before you buy an expensive garden ornament, check the conformity list or ask us on system conformity,
our advice is always free.
Whatever size & make of 1-20 EH "non collectif" system you are considering, one of ours or someone elses, the golden rule is:  You must check first to see if the system is on the conformity list. We cannot stress how important that is.
                  Compact'O ST2            Compact'O ST2 6EH installed        Epurflo Maxi Installed                            
The Grenelle Law II of July 2010, is an important document and can affect the sale & price of a property in  France.
Read it here in English, French property owners legal obligations on non collective systems are here in French
and a rough translated English version here.
  Balmoral HC 8EH Spanc list (2014-006)        New Fluidifix.18+ Holiday homes OK & can be powered by wind or solar
                   Larger properties, Gite complex, Manoire or Chateau?                    
Need a system for 21+ EH?  See the UK Balmoral HC 30 installation in dept 50
Application and installation is far easier than the 1 - 20 EH.
Systems such as the high quality UK manufactured HC 22+,  French Topoxy T22 & T30+  EH, all fall under a different arette (2007) and can be legally installed in France. 
(21+ EH with the CE mark, do not have to be on the spanc list.)
                   Balmoral HydroClear                        Topaze Anneau 5EH                      
         Save thousands on. 22-50 HC        NEW. Topoxy Anneau 5-18 EH               Newthe Oxy and Oxyfiltre systems.
          UK Tax exempt with TVA number              22 - 300 EH available             
                     From 6850.00 Euro
Servicing and de-sludging of Micro Stations. Contractual maintenance and mud extraction price from 349.00 euro.
 Contact us today for free advice and details on non collective 1 - 20 EH and larger 21+ EH Semi / Collective systems            .
  ( Telephone: 0603 66 16 26 )




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