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Bio Verte Environnement, Mayenne

English Agents, Home of Mini Waste Water Treatment Plants.

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Oxy 5 EH Micro Station
Numero d'Agrement 2011 - 012
3990.00 Euro HT


Oxy 5
Product details ( not for holiday homes or second properties, areas of flooding )

Easy install, 1 day. No secondary ventilation     
Ultra compact, economical 
Guarantee on Tank 15 years.  Electrics 2 years                    

oxy 5
Product price special offer promotion 3890.00 Euro HT & HP

No odours, 180Kgs. Less than 4 sq metres.
185 cm X 142 cm X 137 cm
Oxy 5  oxy 5 micro station  oxy 5 micro station  Oxy 5 Micro station d'epuration